About the school

Beacon School is a progressive educational community that is dedicated to providing a safe, personalized learning environment for students with autism and related disorders. We are committed to providing an outstanding education where all students achieve academic success. Our inspirational and challenging curriculum allows abilities to flourish and self-confidence to thrive.

The Learning Support Department at The Beacon School is comprised of experienced and dedicated teachers and Teacher Assistants and is managed by the Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO). The role of the SENCO is to ensure a smooth transfer of SEND pupils from primary school and to ensure that appropriate provision is in place once at The Beacon School. Please do not hesitate to contact the SENCO if you have any enquires around SEND. Contact details for the SENCO are available in the School Contact Directory.

Staff Members

  • Principal
  • Deputy Princpal
  • Head of Department
  • Class Teachers
  • Administraive staff
  • Support and Service staff